Important notice: Casterrian COVID-19 update

As all clients, suppliers, and other relevant parties were recently notified, Casterrian has enabled remote working for all staff.

While our staff have always had the ability to work from home as needed, we recently tested our entire software infrastructure strenuously to ensure that it would be able to cope with our entire team working remotely.

Now that this has been confirmed, our staff have been directed to work from home.

We at Casterrian have taken this decision to protect our staff, clients, and the communities that we work in from the spread of COVID-19.

Client services will not be interrupted

A core part of our infrastructure tests were to ensure that nothing would cause any interruption to our client servicing.

In short, nothing about the way you access our services has altered.

However, as we are aware that many of our staff working from home will have to care for small children due to the closure of schools and childcare facilities in many areas, we have introduced a new line of escalation to ensure that any urgent queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The client email detailed the alternative contact process in full.

Casterrian responsibilities

Casterrian are taking these steps because we believe it is our duty, not just as an employer, but as a part of a global community, to help protect those who need it most.

Though there are still many unknowns, many virologists and epidemiologists across the world are expressing grave concern about the damage (as already witnessed in some areas) that COVID-19 could cause.

It is our hope that this global disruption will dissipate quickly and without causing further suffering, and we feel it is our responsibility to contribute in any way we can.