About Casterrian IT Consulting

Casterrian IT Consulting helps businesses to expand their horizons by improving their IT infrastructure, ensuring that their systems are perfectly suited to their needs now, and flexible enough to adapt if those needs change.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: help companies grow.

We pride ourselves on the work we do to help companies of all sizes to expand and improve their operations, and take the time to ensure we understand our clients’ specific objectives, unique circumstances, and individual obstacles.

This means that we can tailor our services to our clients’ specific needs, and ensures that we can help them to reach their goals.

Our values

At Casterrian, we believe that our values make us who we are.


At Casterrian we have shared goals. We believe that the best path to success is ploughed by a team all pulling in the same direction.


It is our responsibility to take an empathic view of others. By taking the time to understand the other position, we can ensure that we make better decisions.


We understand that we each have different skills, and that our job is made easier by the complementary expertise of our team.


Do the right thing, even if no one is looking. Our team are expected to uphold our values, and do right by our clients, at all times.


Delivering on time should never mean having to sacrifice quality. We will always reallocate resource and reduce margins before compromising on quality.


Transparency in professional services shouldn’t be a radical idea. We want to show you what we do so well.

If you think our values align with yours, contact us to ask about our vacancies.

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