Your IT, simplified.

Casterrian IT Consulting helps businesses to upgrade and adapt their IT infrastructure.

We evaluate your current system set-up, understand your objectives, and then build an infrastructure that’s right for you.

We make sure that all of your requirements are met and that your systems can scale up as your business grows.

In many cases this will involve migrating your systems to the cloud, as this will give you much greater control and security over your key data. With this approach, you’ll only ever pay for what you need, and your systems will be able to adapt to your requirements as they grow or change.


Casterrian IT Consulting offer a range of services for businesses of all sizes.

We can carry out works with minimal disruption to your company’s day-today operations, and deliver systems within efficiently managed timetables.

To illustrate what this looks like in practice, we’ve highlighted a few of the areas for which we commonly provide assistance.

Cloud migration

At this stage of the adoption cycle, most large businesses have already begun the process of moving part or all of their data to the cloud. However, cloud migration projects can vary greatly depending upon what is required.

Casterrian IT Consulting can help you reduce your server costs, increase your data security, and avail of the many benefits cloud migration can offer, while ensuring that the processes built are tailored precisely to your needs now, as well as scalable for the future.

Data management

Data warehouses and database management systems are often used by businesses for reporting and analytics across large volumes of data. The reports created can often be used to support and influence key business decision making.

To make the management and interrogation of large volumes of data much easier, Casterrian IT Consulting can help your business to set up a secure database, structured to suit your needs.

Remote working

Remote working capabilities are essential for almost all businesses. Depending on the company’s operational needs, this will require a variety of different software tools. These might include virtual desktops, VPNs, remote applications, shared storage, and/or many others.

Casterrian IT Consulting can enable remote working for your business by advising you of which supports are right for your business and building a system infrastructure that can be accessed securely from whatever locations you require.

CRM systems

CRM systems are a core business tool, but many legacy systems draw their data from disparate sources, sometimes requiring onsite servers and other physical data sources.

Casterrian IT Consulting can help your business to identify and roll-out a CRM system that works more efficiently for your business needs, while maintaining scalability for any future requirements.

HR systems and ERP systems

HR systems are a vital tool for automating payroll and workforce management processes. However, many companies still use manual processes and physical storage for much of their Human Resources data.

Casterrian IT Consulting can help you to automate your systems, therefore reducing the administrative burden from HR departments, freeing them up to focus on key strategic business activities.

Payment systems

Flexibility in how companies receive payments can give them a significant strategic advantage over their peers. However, security in payment systems is a key concern for all business leaders.

Casterrian IT Consulting can help companies to navigate the array of different cloud-based payment systems to ensure that your set up is right for your business. Additionally, to provide another layer of security, we can audit the full system to ensure security is guaranteed to the highest possible degree at all stages of the payment process.

How it works

Casterrian IT Consulting follow a carefully designed process to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of services with minimal disruption.

After submitting a consultation request, one of our consultants will arrange a call at time convenient for you to run through a requirements capture.

On this call we will ascertain what your objectives are and, from an operational perspective, understand what you’d like to achieve.

Once this call is completed, we will be able to provide a no obligation outline quote for services.

After this outline quote is agreed, a non-invasive infrastructure audit is completed so that we can more clearly define exactly what will be required, and a full quote and project management chart will be drawn up.

Regardless of the size of organization (whether it’s a small business with fewer than 20 people, or a large enterprise with multinational operations) much of the project can usually be completed remotely and within weeks.

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